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Recommendations on PFD

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Hey guys, I fish a relatively narrow lake (considiring I grew up on Lake Erie) on the NC/SC border. Fish year round. I wanted to try and find some type of PFD I could wear all seasons, have it be reasonable confortable and not interfere with fishing.

Does anyone have anything they would reccomend? If you got a link to a sample or something like it, I would greatly appreciate it. I saw a couple at BPS in Concord, NC but I was not too impressed with them.

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Just saw the other thread that went into this a bit. Good stuff guys. I have been great about not letting my kids anywhere near the water without their PFD but not so good about myself. Since they have informed me they actually want me to try to stick around, I figured I would need one.

I like the one suggested here on cabelas, they also had another one I liked a bit was this:


It is a Type-III, but I like having the storage as I usually wear a trout vest when we go out. I am sort of torn between that one and the types recommended by skunked. Either way, it is definitely better than not putting one on at all.

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Howdy MStarr,

I use one of these (click the link)


It's comfortable even on hot days.

I use this one in the winter.


It takes a little getting used because it's bulky but, it will keep you warm.

Good luck,


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Cool. I grabbed a type III vest from cabelas. I will probably move to the Mustang eventually. It looks like a good way to go and a LOT of experienced folks use them.

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