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Looking for advice: Remote streams, parking and fences

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Anyone here likes small stream or freshwater rock pool fishing? Im curious about a few things.


1. Suppose you see a destination on the map, how do you know that place is accessible on foot in advance or actually have water? Some of these places have primitive campsites and are probably not maned, so they probably have no access road.


2. This morning went to the West Fork of the San Gabriel River but couldnt find the entry point. I think they were closed but there were many picnickers along the North Fork. Does that mean Ill get arrested if I entered? lol. Trying to stay within the confines of what is legal.


3. Around Los Angeles you see some bridges but they have wire fences (I think a familiar sight to many who are LA locals). Does that mean its illegal to enter those areas? What about the people living under the bridges?


Anyway, driving around California looking for small remote streams and rock pools with bass living in them is certainly on my bucket list, but one I do not have the confidence to undertake just now alone! :)



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For me I use Google maps, and use street view whenever possible. Sometimes you can see signs (no parking, no fishing), sometimes you can even see people fishing. You can find parking this way as well as find actual spots to fish.


A lot of bike paths have street view too. I've used them to scout any creek that may run next to them. 


Next, I check the rest of the internet, Youtube etc. Search for people fishing that exact spot. Try to find any info on the area you want to fish. Maybe call a tackle shop in the area and ask about all of this.


Search the state wildlife sites and look up fishing regulations in the waterway you are considering. Some are closed to fishing certain times of year, or have special requirements.


Finally, go and check it out yourself. Most of my spots are local so I will eventually get out of my chair and hike around, tramping through weeds and bushes to get where I need. It is very rewarding when you find a good spot.


You need to 

- find a close place to park

- find a way to get to the water without crossing private property


I can usually do this using Google maps. Then I find out if it is legal to fish, and if I need to use barbless hooks or artificial bait.

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Fences mean “keep out” it’s private property.

California is 70% US Forest Land, lots of rural areas to hike and fish. Look at a map and determine if the land is private or USFS or fenced private land with no trespassing signs. 

Parking can be an issue, some areas require a permit or parking fee.

Safety, use common sense, lots a nasty folks around and rattle snakes.

Malibou creek has a few ponds with bass in the upper areas. The entire Pacific Ocean along the coast has good shore access for salt water fishing for barred perch and spotted bay bass and Calico bass.



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