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Lake Sonoma. Home of the 10,000 cast bass.


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My arms are sore. I think I know how the musky fisherman feels. 8 hours - two bass. I must have taken my kayak 14 miles today.  I am beat. 

the lake is close to home. It’s beautiful.  It’s huge. You may catch a glimpse of s wild hog in the surrounding hills.  Deer everywhere. Crazy surprise winds.  You launch kayak for  free, but you pay with sweat.  The hike back up to your car at the end of the day is straight up.  Maybe 1/3 mile. You speed walk it if you don’t have a friend watching your kayak and gear. I’ve never been burgled, but I do haul booty. At the end of kayak exertion, you’re rewarded with a hill climb to your parked car. :)   If lucky, you can catch a ride on a tailgate up. I’m never lucky. 

i love that lake.  Brown and green bass.  It’s where I learned how to jig fish. Afterwards, the drive out thru rolling hills of grapevines give you that, “it’s good to be alive” feeling.   I just need the fish to be more predictable.  Prespawn is fun. 

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Still looking for my first yak trip this year. My go to Tulloch next week or sumthin. At least it's easy access and I have a good chance of catching there. Went there two weeks ago and the lake was empty (of boats) and full (water).


I've fished 5 times locally in South Bay area and skunked so far this year. I never catch this early here.

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On 2/12/2022 at 8:11 PM, Darth-Baiter said:

The hike back up to your car at the end of the day is straight up.  Maybe 1/3 mile.

That ramp is an absolute beast to hoof it up to the parking lot! The supposed shortcut trail up the hill to the left is worse! Hitching a ride up on a trailer is a must.

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They can also be no cast bass...  

If you try trolling behind you for bass, you can cut down on all that casting.  My son and I just caught a 5 pound 3oz. Lake Sonoma Largemouth (20.5"), all manner of smallmouth, smaller size largemouths, crappie, the works - without doing much casting.  We just cruise along at slow speed, let out a bunch of line, and let the lure do the work.   Spares you all the neckache...  

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