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Bourbon and Bass


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Yeah - that got your attention.


I'm involved in a business leadership group and we had a conference this weekend and the evening activity was a bourbon tasting event. There were something like 80 different bourbons to taste and of course you could order bottles of what you liked. The most expensive bottle was $219, and a number of the items were 130+ proof.


I rarely drink alcohol anymore, but when in Rome....


I sampled three and to be truthful, bourbon is not my thing. I will say that it was interesting how one sample hit me towards the back of my mouth and throat while a second stimulated the taste buds up front. But the food was great, with ribs, brisket sandwiches, mac & cheese, and carrots all cooked with bourbon.


But by 8 pm I was bored and decided to head back to the recreation camp we were staying at. This place is out in the middle of the woods and has it's own lake. And because it has it's own lake I did bring one rod and a Plano box full of lures. It was pitch black outside on the road as the tree canopy blocked out the stars and there were no streetlights. Needless to say, I took it slow as the deer were everywhere. Side note: twice in the past two weeks I've heard cars hit deer at the end of my driveway and twice I have had to call the county to remove the dead deer.


Anyway, sure enough there were deer in the road and as I stopped to let them cross I noticed I was right next to the lake and there was an old boat house and ramp and there was a light pole right there. So why not fish a bit?


Three casts into throwing a chatterbait with a Rage Tail craw I hooked up with a nice 3 pound bass. Around here, that's been a decent size this past year. I fished for another 45 minutes without a bite and another 30 minutes this morning and caught nothing. But I haven't been able to fish in a while and even thought it was off the bank and not out on my kayak it was great to get back at it.


I actually think I may head out there again with my kayak to fish it again. It's a decent sized lake and allows trolling motors only. That water was pretty shallow in the areas I fished, but I'd like to get out there with my electronics and explore. There were plenty of laydowns and some vegetation as well, and I saw only one boat out there so I'm not sure how pressured it is. I think most people around here prefer being on the big lakes with their bass boats.

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I think after 80 (samples) I might have bought that 219.00 bottle. Wouldn't have hit a deer though 'cause I would have been walking! Durn sure wouldn't have got up early the next morning to fish!

Glad to have survived those days!


Ribs, briskets, and mac & cheese!! Now that got my attention!


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