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Bank Fishing Texoma

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my annual trip is coming up.  very excited to stretch my wings after this soul crushing CA winter storm of 2023.  it technically still hasn't let up since JAN 1.  it blew up my career of highway construction.  I need the physical and mental separation (from work)...and soon.


meeting up with my brother and friends for some Striper fun.  I raided my storage boxes and I'm bringing all my MegaBass Magdrafts.  and found some other similar swimsuits.  StealthShads, etc.  I bought Skinny Dippers to reel/burn...and the ubiquitous topwater and wake baits.  packing light since I left some rods with my brother he can drive to me.  I'll carry on my reels.  a BIG striper sucking in a 6" MagDraft is hopefully very interesting.  :D


I will break in, test-run a new travel rod to shake out any issues before I take it to Brazil.  


I can't fathom how that annual fishing license for a non-Res is $12!!  that's nuts.  I bumped it up to $20 for an added donation to the cause of taking care of the fishery.  

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1 minute ago, Fishingmickey said:

Hope to hear about your result's from Texoma.


thanks.  I am camping out for a week, so I dont expect to goose-egg the entire 6 days fishing. 


it will be good to sit around a fire and poke at it with a stick.  

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Sorry. I never closed this thread. Ate good food, had great laughs that left my face sore, and. Oh. Got my PB striper. 18lbs.   She swam free right after a quick pic.  My 2500 reel was screaming!  



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