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  1. I like the original smell of power worms. It is kinda stanky, but after catching numbers of Bass over the years on power worms it kind grows on ya. Now when ever I open a fresh bag of power worms. I gotta git me a big ole snort and sniff off of that bag. Now let me tell ya about the taste... I bite down my 7" & 9" power worms. Usually just take about a inch or so off. Fishingmickey
  2. I have been tournament kayak fishing in Texas for about 10 years now. It is not uncommon to have 100° days from May forward. I cover up completely! My gear is, light weight quick dry fishing pants, I wear one of the stretchy performance shirts under a vented w/front pockets fishing shirt, a buff (I prefer a looser buff) where I can pretty much pull it up over my head and where it is almost like a tunnel. I wear a Tilley hat over the sun glasses. I coat my nose, cheeks and side burn area before I get on the water with the Neutregena spf 70 or 100 sunblock. I wear NRS sun gloves to protect my hands. I have a Engel cooler with four rod holders. It carries three one liter bottles of water and usually a quart of Gatorade. Most of the time I have a left over bottle of water at the end of the day. The Tilley hat gets dunked from time to time. The buff if I am feeling "it" will get dunked in the ice chest and reapplied. The dunking above usually happens later in the day. Stay hydrated and covered up and you'll find it is a lot cooler then not doing it. FM
  3. I have several Scum Frogs that should be arriving today. Thanks to the thread and the bait monkey whispering in my ear that the frog bite is going to be on this weekend. I'm looking forward to giving them a good work out on Toledo Bend this weekend. FM
  4. Does it have a overload system? Maybe thermal or amperage overload in the motor electronics? Might check the prop and make sure you don't have a wad of line around the shaft. The other thing to check would be to check your electrical connections. Good luck, FM
  5. Absolutely huge Smallmouth! Way to go, AJay!
  6. I have all of the above, The Zillion's are a very sweet reel IMHO. I also really like my Chronarch and Curado's too. I also have the opinion that the Bantam and Metanium are the most solid feeling reels I own. They are "tanks" that are a joy to fish. I was a solid Shimano fan boy before I tried the Zillion and that one hooked me. I now have four of them. FM
  7. Way cool to hear about BR members meeting up! I'm fishing a Texas BASS nation event this weekend on Toledo Bend. I'm not sure if any BR members are fishing it. Maybe one will see this and we can get together for dinner or swap notes from prefishing. Planning on getting there Thursday and getting on the water for half a day Thursday and all day Friday for a good prefish! Fishingmickey
  8. I just finished perusing the Academy web site. Falcon is one brand I didn't think of that makes a excellent rod. Fenwick was another. Good luck in your search. I looked at the pic of the SLX and it looked like a much nicer rod. FM
  9. Both would probably be fine. I'd lean SLX before Fury. That's just my opinion, I felt the Fury rods are heavy (weight wise) or the one's I have handled. You might also see if they have the Diawa Aird X. It's is another spinning rod that is very nice at a budget price. FM
  10. Kevin, Use your drag. The weakest link in your chain from you to the fish is the light wire hooks your using. You said your using 50# braid to a 15# leader. If that leader is Yozuri hybrid or Berkley big game or several of the other manufactuers. They say it is 15# but it really is anywhere from 17-20# breaking strength. Adjust your drag! Try experimenting. Go hook your hook to a fence post of something unmovable and see how much force it takes to bend it. Then turn your drag down until it slips before the hook bends. That should get you close. If your fishing heavy cover and want to winch the fish straight in. Lock down your drag, ditch the leader and ski-em in. Good luck! FM
  11. That is electric by the way and my kayak is rated for it..... FM
  12. Catt, beat me to it... Beetle Spin 1/8 oz. Original floating Rapala #5 (the little one) 1/16 oz. 3.5" Keitech EZ shiner, 1/0 or 2/0 Gammey EWG hybrid hook, weightless Finesse worm, Robo, KVD Fat baby or finesse, Yumm. 4 or 5" on a 1/16 oz Owner EWG jig head (1/16 or 1/8). 4" ring worm w/1/8 bullet and 2/0 gammy round bend wire hook. FM
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