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Fishing with a friend with Covid-Like symptoms.

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Lake Berryessa.  too much weekday traffic to go to the CA Delta.  (coming home blows)


Berryessa is my enigma.  it is deep, big, daunting.  i never been skunked that i remember, but i have had mostly slow dinkfest.   wind forecast look awesome.  


i wanted to launch in the "narrows" but my friend wanted the wide open north end.  he won.    water was super clear. 10 feet visibilty easy.  better in some areas.  fish were far and few.  i found 5 decent fish to hit my offerings, but my bud skunked.  


he in fact got a headache, developed a hard cough, and got body aches.  i tossed a couple of tylenol in his direction.  he was weak so he didnt cast far out and i think that is why he skunked.  the fish saw him.  i would blind fling way out there to the shore and i got five.  


five fish..no giants.  we headed home when he started to fever.    on the way out, i saw a hazard bouy.   i investegated and saw two VW sized boulder in about 15 feet of water.  top of boulder was may 6 feet down.  i told my feverish friend to sling a worm in there.  he said he was too tired.  i said...you sure?  i was already in midcast.  is see the bait land on top of white boulder.  i drag it over the edge..and TAP TAP TAP.  best fish of the day.   i made a mental note of that rock..in summer, it wlll kill.  sucks it is far far away.  kayak-far.


Tomorrow will be my SECRET lake solo.  no covid friends (he tested negative.  probably the flu)

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3 minutes ago, Darth-Baiter said:

wind forecast look awesome


Ha! I'm all about the wind too. The wind tells me when I go fishing. 


I like that buoy fish anecdote. I once cast to a VW-sized rock for a couple hours and caught scores of smallmouth. The longer I fished, the bigger the bass. I think the younger fish were friskier and I had to catch them first for my lure to reach the older fish.


I share this because when you cast to those two boulders again, work all sides of the pair just in case they're stacked with bass like the one I fished. 

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He did. As did I.  Both negative.  We both got diagnosed with brutal allergies.  My meds are finally staring to work.  Thanks. 

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