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Sleeper Craw first impressions


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Got to take the kayak out onto Texoma this morning and try out a couple of new lures I’ve never used. I tried out the 6” Megabass Magdraft as well as the new Sleeper Craw.


Equipment used:

7’2” H+F Daiwa BLX w/ 7.4:1 Curado 200k, 50lb PowerPro Braid w/ 20lb Sunline Sniper FC leader and a Megabass 6” Magdraft in Whiteback Shad


7’2” MHF Shimano Expride B w/ 7.1:1 Chronarch MGL, 40lb PowerPro Braid w/ 20lb Sunline Sniper FC leader and a Megabass Sleeper Craw in Numa Ebi


7’0” MF Shimano Expride B w/ Tatula MQ 2500, 8lb Seaguar Basix FC and a Neko Rig (green pumpkin/chart tail Senko, 3/32 nail weight)


Got out on the water at around 9:45am and started by tossing the magdraft around empty boat slips. It was a bit cloudy at the time so I wasn’t really expecting much from it. Just wanted to see how it worked. It swims nice at a slow/medium retrieve, and sinks pretty slow. I like to let it sink a little before retrieving it and that works best for me. Skips really nice as well. I bet it will be killer during the summer when the sun is out and the fish are hugging those docks in the shade. 

Next I paddled over to a calm cove with a rocky/mud bottom. Depth varied from a foot to probably around 15ft deep. I threw the Sleeper Craw and within a few casts I already hooked into one. Unfortunately I had the landing net in a bad spot and the fish got off as I was reaching for it. A few minutes later I hooked into another fish as I was casting towards the shoreline. I was able to bring this one to at least touch the boat before it spat the hook (still counts lol). It was a largemouth probably about a pound or so. Had a few more bites on it until I casted by a rock and got slammed by a fish. This time, I fought it for a while and was able to land it in the net. Turned out to be a nice blue cat. I forgot to weigh it but I’d guess it was around 3-5lbs. After that I tried a Neko rig for a bit with no luck.


Overall I’m very impressed with these 2 lures from MB. Specifically the Sleeper Craw. Didn’t get a good hookset on the first 2 fish, but I was setting it at an angle as opposed to straight up. With the location of the hook, I should’ve been setting it that way. Hook was sharp enough to pierce a catfish’s mouth so definitely a nice one on there.


the prize of the day


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