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Shimano Curado

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Ok, so I have decided to purchase a shimano curado. I was just looking at them on basspro.com and noticed that some models have 1 more bearing than others. However, they are a couple ounces heavier as well. So my questions are, does the extra bearing make a noticable diffence? How about the extra ounces?

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I have both 100D and 200DPV.

The weight difference is more because of the size of the different models.  The 100D (one less bearing than the 200Ds) is lighter because of relative size to the 200Ds.  The one bearing difference is not that noticeable but the weight and size difference are obvious.  So it depends on your intended use if you need to decide on the different models.

I only bought the 200DPV (5:1 gear ratio) for the sole use of my deep-diving crankbaits.  

So if you will use it for general applications, it would be better to get the 100D.

Both reels are superb reels by the way.

Hope this helps.

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I just purchased the 100 Deep spool version.  I purchased this one over the 200 because I liked the smaller size of it.  I also liked the feel of it on the Powell rod i was getting better than the bulkier 200.  Either way, I think you'll be very happy with the curado, I definately have a plan to buy more of these in the future.  Good Luck


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