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Shimano Symetre spool question

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I bought a Shimano Symetre 2500.  The 1st time I put new line on it wound it evening.  The next time it wound to the rear of the spool.  I checked with Shimano and they said take a washer off to adjust it.  I did that and it still winds to the rear.  I realize that I could take more washers off but since it was supposedly set at the factory to wind on evenly I shouldn't have to make an adjustment should I?  It says in the manual that adding or removing washers is for changing the intitial setting.  I'm thinking that if it changed on it's own that it may have some type of shaft defect or something.  Anyone else experience this?

I'm not concerned since I'm sure Cabelas will exchange it for a new one if it's defective but if it's a normal occurence I won't bother sending it back.


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 I have the Symetre 1500 and it would wind level out of the box. Like you said the instructions said only if you want to change the winding :-?...

                                          As Ever,


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I have the 1500. It wound evenly out of the box the first few times then started winding to the rear. I removed 3 washers, since I use Florocarbin and I winds most of it to the front.  I have found I have alot less problems with the line now.  If you are using Mono then you want it more to the rear of the spool

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