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Help with Accurist Reel

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Hey fellas,

First off, hello.  My name's Mickey and I'm a Fresh & Salt Water fisherman in Los Angeles, CA.  I found this forum online and hope to become a long time member, share and learn from one another.

For now, I've got a Quantum Accurist 500PT that's giving me trouble.  On a recent trip, I took my bro in law on his first fishing trip.  We went off a boat and in Long Beach, CA and somehow he managed to tangle the line all over and into the reel.  I had it spooled with 30# braid (8# diameter) and I had to remove the lever side of the reel in order to pull the braid that got tangled into it off.

That was that, put it back together but now I've got troubles.  The reel pulls just fine.  It's got the same pull on the drag as always.  However, it doesn't lock up anymore.  If I pull the line, it simply spins the lever in reverse and I have to hold the lever in order for it to stop spinning.

Anyone ever have this trouble with this or any other Quantum Baitcasters?  I'm bummed out cuz it was my favorite surf reel with which I've caught plenty of fish.  I don't want to retire it.  Any input would be much appreciated.

Thanks fellas!

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Sounds like your partner blew out the AR system in the reel.

If the reel is one of the older 500PT's, then I would suspect that using the braid and a heavy drag setup on the reel, has caused the AR bearing to bust lose in the side plate and rotate.

I would recommend you retire that reel, and get it to your local service people that work Quantum®, or get it shipped to Quantum® for service.

Good Luck & Tight Lines!!!!

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Thanks ReelMech!  That makes sense.  I guess I'll have to put it out of rotation and mail it out to get serviced.  

It's just frustrating because TackleServices.com is so friggin slow and at times completely non-respondent.  I wonder if they've got a crappy server or just overwhelmed with many frustrated anglers.

I may just take it to my local shop to avoid the shipping hassles.

Again, Thanks!

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Click the link in my signature line and ship it to me....

I'll be glad to take care of it.... :)

Tight Lines!!!!  

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