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Ballpark Frank

Line suggestions for Antique/Vintage Rod and Reel?

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Hey guys, I picked up a very nice condition St.Croix 6' pistol grip rod(made around 1950) with a JA Coxe reel. The combo is for my study, but I would like to fish it occasionally. The rod says 10-20#, but I was wondering if that was mono or the old nylon braided stuff. Any advice would be appreciated.

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That's far out!

But instead of guessing here why not contact St. Croix directly...

Give them the same information about the rod, and ask them what line might have been used then.

My guess would be Dacron.

St. Croix of Park Falls, Ltd.

856 4th Avenue North

PO Box 279

Park Falls, WI 54552

PH: (715) 762-3226

FX: (715) 762-3293

TF: (800) 826-7042

Good Luck & Tight Lines!!!  

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Thanks David, the funny thing is right after I made this post, I got a returned call from St. Croix. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with antique casting gear. The rep said that Dacron was the line used on the rod then, but that mono or even a large diameter braid would be fine(as long as I did not exceed the line rating). I think I'm going to use Berkley Big Game 15# and see how it goes. The reel only has a cast clutch, no centri brakes, so I'm gonna have to be on with the thumb. I plan on posting some pics later, after I catch a fish with it ;D. I hope my old antique jitterbugs have some fish magic left in them. I have been collecting antique/vintage lures for a while, just got into rod and reels. The only other I have is a Hurd Supercaster that stays at home.

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