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Maxximus Redneckus

Anyone who uses BIG game

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Yall notice big game in 15 lb is .015 and big game in 12lb is .014 .I dont see a reason for 15 lb big game BTW my 10 lb biggame measures at .012 .funny how so little diff can make a big diff in bulk spool yards 15 lb biggame comes in 900 yard spools 12 lb comes in 1175 yrds and 10 lb comes in 1500 yard spools  all the same price ...

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One of the guys in my bass club uses Big Game and he loves it.

I was with him when he caught a seven pound beauty in a tournament.

So far he is in first place for "Big Fish" this year in the club.

So I have no idea about the millimeter differences between the various line poundage; but it must work

And the pricing is interesting to say the least.

I'll have to check it out as I run out of my Trileen XS.

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It is hard to believe that .001 inches makes a big difference, but on a .014 inch cylinder that is very significant.  All else being equal, a back of the envelope calculation would suggest a 23% increase in tensile strength, so it makes sense...

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