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Question Regarding Reel Maintenance

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Hello everyone. Today I purchased a new reel, a Pflueger President to be exact and had a quick question. The reel won't be used until next Spring, I know I should have waited but I got a good deal. My question is kind of hard to explain. Should I put any oil or grease on the reel before I use it next Spring or is this not needed?

Also when are the appropriate times to be adding oil and grease to spinning reels? Also does any one recommend any specific products?

Any help you can offer me would be much appreciated.

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I've been in the habit for a long time now, of tearing down every new reel I get, cleaning and re-lubing, before I ever use it. Started that after getting Shimano that turned out to be totally dry inside. No grease on the gears, and no oil in the bearings. And, some of these set in storage for quite a while. A good cleaning is recommended. By me, anyway.

As far as intervals go, I do it whenever I think they need it. My main baitcasters will get done every winter, and at least once during the fishing season; sometimes twice. My spinning reels only get it during the winter. I don't use them nearly as often.

I recently tried out Reel Butter oil and grease. I can't tell any difference between the oil and the Daiwa oil I've been using for a long time. But I can easily feel the difference between the Reel Butter grease and the el cheapo Zebco grease that I've been using. I've only used the stuff once, on five baitcasters that sat out all day in the rain. One of them was making some noise, so I decided to clean them all. Turned out the problem was not dirty or unlubed, but a bad spool tension shim. But there was a noticeable difference in the feel of the reels during cranking that could only have come from the change of grease. I've done all my reels now, using Reel Butter grease, and every one feels smoother on the crank.

Having said that, I really think that regular cleaning and re-lubing is more important that what brand of lube you're using.

Some of the oils now available are promoted as be able to increase casting performance. Those are for the most part lower viscosity products, which will require shorter intervals between servicings. Rocket fuel oil comes to mind. I don't care for it. If you're using that stuff, you'll know when it's time to service the reel. It will start singing to you. Seemed to me that about 4 or 5 days of hard use would sling all the oil out of the spool bearings, and they would start to get noisy. Who wants to clean and re-lube every 4 or 5 days? Not me.

So, grease on the gears, oil on the rest; do it often, and that new reel will perform like a new reel for many years to come. And don't try it without the schematic.

Hang on, Reel Mechanic will be along shortly to give you the professional opinion. If he disagrees with something I've said, listen to him. He's been doing this a long time.



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:o IMPO Forget worrying about servicing a brand new in the box, never used, reel.

Tell you what, I wouldn't wait till next spring to find out if the reel/s is what you really wanted. Take it out, and fish it (or at least try it), then if you have any problems, you can exchange it now, instead of finding out in 5 months that you made a bad purchase..

Just my .02¢

Tight Lines!!!  

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