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Issues with PowerPro, just wondering...

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Ok in the past month or so I have been having issues with the strength of power pro. I have purchased 5 spools in the past two weeks (2 20,2 30, and 1 45. lbs. test spools). And I have been noticing the same thing, the line is breaking just above the knot, about 4-6 inches of line is left on the jig or bait when I go retrieve it from the brush or whatever its in. Now usually with any of these lines I can pulled down or pull the bait out of small brush and limbs, and usually the limbs come with them. I have not been tied the palomar any different.

 After an outing the day, I just got really frustrated and went home to make a few phone calls. Two good friends of mine who are usually die hard power pro guys have switched over because they noticed the line having issues in the past couple months. I also went home and test out the line strength because I have a lot of free time lately  :o. I tied the line to a bar and then to another bar below it (palomar knots that I believe retain 99% of the lines strength). Then I started putting free weights on the lower bar and here is what I found.  

20 pound braid is breaking at 19 pounds- ok i can live with that

30 pound braid is breaking at 19 pounds-  >;)

40 pound braid is breaking at 24 pounds  >;)

If this isnt an accurate test let me know and I will feel better, but I couldnt believe how the heavier line is only about 66% as strong as it is as said to be.

So has anyone else come across a "bad batch" or something like that anywhere else or is it just up here. Also I know my other two buddies bought the line at the same wal mart I did. So thats whats making me think it could be a bad batch or something like that.  I really love this line and I dont want to switch over just trying to solve another problem.

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Well I don't know about your test but it's what I would have done.

I don't think I have had those kinds of issues and I fished it as

my primary line for 2 years. So I think you could be right and it was a

bad batch. Will they refund?

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I dont know yet, I have fished with the line for the past few years to and love it too, but I just dont know whats going on with it.

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Theres knock off Power pro from China you can check the Power Pro web site.

Run your line threw your fingers if you feel little bumps thats a manufactures defect.

I would still package it up and send it to Power Pro with your observations some times you make out like a bandit.


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Its not really bumpy it just looks like it has been exposed to sunlight and it that light green in some sections, and that is straight from the package on the spool.

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