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Help me figure out Shimano in the 1980s...

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I need some info on when the following reels came out, which one's were better than others, and when were they discontinued...

Bantam models:




Mag 100SG

BantamMag 100SG (Gold BPS model)

Mag Plus 250SG





10X SG

I know there are alot but I am sure someone can give input on one or more and if enough of you can contribute, I might find my answers. Thank you.

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Most all of them are (circa 1980-85), all were discontinued late 80's early 90's (just after I started my training). The differences between them all were the gear ratios and spool sizes, line weights maxed at 10lb test on those reels.

All of these reels came about, awhile after the LC Speed Spools, trying to use the tooling layout they (Shimano®) were doing on the speed spools. All of the reels basically were used by the touring pros for spinnerbaits reels, not heavy enough for anything else (like to days reels that can handle lightweight to heavy baits and lines all in the same reel).

Just my .02¢

Tight Lines!!!

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I have the 100 sg, 1000sg, Mag 250 sg, Mag 150 sg. I also had the 10 sg but sold it. The 2 digit reels had bushings instead of ball bearings, the three digit reels, and the 1000 had ball bearings. The Bantam 100 was the first Shimano reel and the first versions had wooden knobs, the last ones had the Paddle knobs. The 1000 was the top of the line non magnetic reel. The 250 was a wider spool version and had higher line capacity. However, my 250 has an aluminum V-spool which is a rarer version than most. During the 80's, a number of the reels came with a graphite V-spool converter which snapped onto the aluminum spool.

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I bought a BMag1001 (left hand version) and a BMag1000 for my wife back in 1988. These were the first baitcasters I fished with (other than the Garcia 5001-another lefty that I fished with since around 1982). I still have one of them working today; I use it as a catfishing/all purpose reel. They were just about all I could afford back then @ $39.95 a piece. They served me well.

I bought mine at K-mart. I think Wal-mart had pretty much the same reel (only black) called a Bantam Mag 100 for about the same price. Both had two ball bearings.

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I can't help you earlier than 1984 but here goes on the rest of those wild and crazy 80's per BPS master catalogs I've got for each year.

1984 - New - Magnum Lite 2000

                   Bantam BMP 15

                   Bantam Mag 100SG

                   Bantam Mag 10SG

                   Bantam Mag plus line - BMP150, BMP250, BMP251, BMP350

           Old - Bantam 10SG

1985 - New - Bantam Magnumlite GT Plus (BGT2000P, BGT2001, BGT1500XP)

                  Bantam Pro Mag

                  Bantam BMP 15X

                  Bantam Brush Buster

           OLD - Bantam Mag Plus line (BMP150X, BMP250, BMP251)

                    Bantam 10X

                    Bantam Mag 10X

1986 - New - Bantam Magnumlite BGX (BGX2200, BGX2201)

                   Bantam Brushbuster (BB10P, BB11P)


          Old - Bantam Magnumlite Plus GT line

                  Bantam Pro Mag

                  Bantam Mag Plus Line

                  Bantam Mag 10X

                  Bantam 10X

1987 - New - Bantam Speedmaster (BSM2200, BSM2201)

                   Bantam Black Magnum 200 Series (BKM200, BKM 201)

                   Bantam Black Magnum 100 series (BKM100, BKM101)

          Old - Bantam Magnumlite GT Plus series

                  Bantam Pro Mag

                  Bantam 10X

                  Bantam Mag 10X

                  Bantam Brush Buster series

1988 - New - Bantam Speedmaster series with fighting star drag

                  Bantam Black Magnum series with fighting star drag

                  Bantam Speedmaster (BSM 1550B, BSM 1551B)

           Old - Bantam Black Magnum 100 series

                   Bantam Magnumlite GT Plus series

                   Bantam Brush Buster series

                   Bantam Mag 10SG

                   Bantam 10SG

1989 - New - Bantam Mark Plus (BMP250, BMP251)

                   Bantam TX Mag (BTX100, BTX101, BTX 100FC)

                  Bantam Beastmaster (BBM-III, BBM-V)

                   Bantam Pro Mag II

          Old - Bantam Super Speedmaster series

                  Bantam Speedmaster series

                  Bantam Speedmaster series w/o fighting star drag.


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