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one vs. two

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Sorry if this has been asked. I did not see it anywhere. What makes a rod more sensitive than another rod??? is it cost only? i see IM6, IM7, IM8, 30 million modulus, 45 million modulus, etc, etc, etc.

How can you tell? I like fishing spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwaters, jigs, t-rigged worms & craws, and almost anything else that i can get my hands on(plastics, cranks, swimming jigs). What makes a rod sensitive?  is it the IM6 blank, the million modulus that it has, or something else???  Also, is a one piece rod more sensitive than a two piece rod? Thanks for your help.

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It 's not the materials but how those materials are blended, the quality of the fibers and resins to bond them, the direction of the fibers and the weaving, the wall thickness, the blank design, the reel seat, the guides, in other words everything.

It 's not just the wood what makes a Stradivarius a Stradivariurs.

In a good quality rod the difference in sensitivity between a two piece rod and a one piece is so small that most mortals wouldn 't notice it.

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There was a very recent post on this stuff, but I can't recall which forum. Try to search for similar posts.  It will clear up the fog for sure.

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