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BPS Crankin' Stick/other rods

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is the BPS Crankin' Stick a decent crankbait rod? what are some other good crankbait rods in the 100 and below range?

so far ive had the suggestions of the:

BPS Crankin Stick

St. Croix Premier cb rod

some crankbait rod from kistler

and shimano crucial cb rod

any other suggestions? any comments on those that i listed?

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The crankin stick is hard to beat, especially when it's on sale for $29 :)

Wish I would have purchased at least one more when I bought my first one on sale.   >:)

I can't compare it to any of the other rods listed but I really like it.  You can definately feel the wobble of the cbait as it comes through the water.  With that said I upgraded from a 5'6" pistol grip ugly stick to the 6'6" M crankin stick.

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I have it in the 7' and between my dad and myself have 3 of them in either M or MH. Really nice rods especially when they go on sale. I'd do a search on here for them and you'll find alot of favorable opinions of them.

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