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Rod for smaller swimbaits (King Shad)?

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Looking for what type of rod make-up to use with smaller swimbaits (i.e. 5" Basstrix, Huddleston Shad 4", King Shad by SK, Tiny E by California Swimbabes, etc.).

None of these baits weigh over an ounce.

I'm figuring the Basstrix and Huddleston will work fine on a regular worm or jig rod (7ft MH, Fast Action).

I guess more curious on what to throw the King Shad and trebeled soft Swims on? With trebles on The King Shad, I'm assuming a softer action rod like a MH Cranking stick would work best. Has anyone fished the King Shad? What type of stick works best?



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I've used the King Shad. I haven't used it much, though. But I've been throwing it with a 6'8" Medium Heavy/Fast All Star American Classic. I don't know if this is the ideal rod, but it handles the bait well.

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For the King Shad's I have been throwing for the past year two rods have worked really well.  American Rodsmiths 7'3'' MH Hibbon Hammer with a PT reel filled with 17lb XT.....the other has been a St. Croix Legend 7'6'' MH, Revo reel and 17 lb XT.  

Remember the hinge pins in the King Shad's are only plastic so you have to be a bit more gentle then with the soft plastic baits.  

For soft plastic swimsbaits, 8' H St. Croix Legend, Revo reel with 50 lb braid.

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Dobyns 735 will do great with those baits! I was out at Clearlake a couple weeks ago throwing various 6" swimbaits on the 735 coupled with a Shimano Curado 200 and 20 lb mono and it worked great! I had plenty of control and sensitivity with this rod and didn't have to deal with the lack of sensitivity that some "big bait rods" will provide.

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