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Decent article on reel maintenance

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I can just see some yoho having a brain fart and lighting a cig while he's cleaning bearings in lighter fluid.  There has to be better choices in a solvent for that.  Whats wrong with a little Zep Dyna 143?  If I was going to do this myself thats probably what I'd use along with a little air pressure to blow them dry.  

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Whats wrong with a little Zep Dyna 143?

The only thing I could see wrong with Zep Dyna 143 is it contains Naptha which is a petroleum byproduct. After it dries, paraffin wax residue could be on the bearings. Then your back to soaking them in lighter fluid or whatever you use. I personally use industrial acetone (nasty stuff) in small bottles in an ultasonic cleaner for 30 minutes. Works really well. You have to be really careful with this stuff though. One good whiff and you'll hit the floor. ;)

Edited to add:  I might have to give the ZEP Dyna 143 a try and see if it leaves the paraffin residue.  It might be the ticket.  :P

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Lighter Fluid IS Naptha.
And is a carcinogen (causes Cancer) when absorbed through the skin and inhaled.

I always recommend using Birchwood Casey® Reel Scrubber, it can be sprayed into a glass jar with lid, drop bearings in for about a 5 min soak then removed and blown out, then spun dry. Repeat as necessary.

Good Luck & Tight Lines!!!!

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