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Bionic or Citori Rod ?????????

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I want to buy two rods, one for froggin and the other for pitchin and flippin jigs I want the two rods to be 7' 6" or longer. Both rods are on sale at BPS so, do I go with the BPS Bionic or the Browning Citori??? I think both rods are about the same as far as 50 millions Modulus. So I don't know which one would be the better rod for froggin and jigs. Any help would be great.

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Before the '08 Brownings came out, I would have recommended the Citori. I've got an older (pre-'08) 45M modulus Citori spinning rod with alconite guides and it is a very good rod. I've also got a Bionic Blade about the same age, also very good. The Bionic Blade has Aluminum oxide guides. I prefer the Citori. It seems to be finished better and has nicer guides.

Now, the '08 Citori has aluminum oxide guides. So now it's a toss up. But I still like the way the Citori looks. And it's a very sensitive and tough rod.

7'6" flipping rods are pretty standard.  7'6" Bionic Blade comes in 2 powers, medium heavy and heavy, both fast action.  The MH/F would be suitable for frogs, an the H/F would be suitable for flipping.

The only 7'6' Citori is a Heavy, with Extra Fast action.  It would be suit able for flipping.  

If I had to choose from these rods, I'd choose the H/XF Citori for flipping, and the MH/F Bionic Blade for frogs.  

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My first two rods were bionic blades. The older 45 million modulus one. I use them for different things, but I can say that I'm really happy with them, and I would assume the newer version is even better.

One thing you might consider is, If it's a BPS rod, BPS will replace it if you break it within a year.

BUT Browning is made by BPS, so I don't know if the same rule applies with the Browning. Because it doesnt actually say BPS on it.

Either way, I'm sure you'll love whichever one you choose.

Good luck!

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