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Powell vs. Dobyns

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I'm in the market for a new spinning rod for fishing tube jigs for smallies. Any suggestions. Throwing 1/8 to 3/8 weights.

These both look to be quality rods.Thought I read some where that the same person was involved in the start up of both of these companys.Could be wrong though.Any how for those that fish them what's your take on them.I myself prefer a stiffer rod but am open to suggestions.

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I accidently deleted my last post.  I'm not a big smallie fisherman so i can't help you there, but as far as powell rods and dobyns rods being started by the same person, as my knowledge serves me, gary dobyns built powell max rods, then moved on to his own company, dobyns rods.  I hear that the dobyns are better balanced than the powell and have a better warrany(20 bucks).  Basically in the same price range as well.  Might as well just buy one of each.

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Of course I'm going to say buy a Dobyns rod.

I will tell you that all my Dobyns rods are great. They are very light, balanced and sensitive. A few months ago I loaned a few of them to a friend of mine and he liked them so much that he sold all his G-Loomis rods and replaced them with Dobyns. If you don't believe me just send a PM to spotaholic on this forum.

Gary created the Dobyns line spacificly to compete with Powell. Who better to know how to make a better rod than the Powell then the man who designed all the Powell Max rod. He improved on them and is selling his rods at the same price.

All I can say is try one out and see for yourself.

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