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First baitcasting setup?

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I'm looking for some tips/suggestions on picking up my first baitcasting setup. I've only used spinning reels up until this point.

I'm probably looking for one to use on a flipping/pitching setup (also my first time having a setup exclusively for flippong and pitching). If you have any suggestions on a specific reel and rod for this setup, I would really appreciate it.


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To be honest I'm not a big fan of the flipping switch. Have had a few, the last one was a Diawa Pro caster. Experimented for a very short time and sold it after 4 months due to the F-switch getting in the way and accidentely engaging becuase of they way I palm the reel. I can pretty much do the same with all the reels I have now by making small ajustments.There are many more experienced and skilled fisherman here then I, that should be able to provide more indepth info and choices. Good luck in your search.

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My first baitcast combo was the pflueger president/extreme rod combo available at BPS. I think now that combo is around $200 now. The president is available with a wide spool version which is great for the heavier line needed for flipping. As for the rod, I would go with a

7' MH for flipping/pitching.

If that combo is over your budget, the extreme rod/reel combo usually goes down to $100 when BPS has a sale going on. I have three of these combos and they work great for the price. The extreme reel does come in a flipping model, however I have no experience with it because they don't make it with a left hand retrieve >;). The extreme reel is very easy to cast and its settings can be set so that it is easier for someone who is learning to baitcast. The one negative thing I have to say about the extreme reel is that I have had to return 2 of them due to problems with the reel handle locking up. As always BPS replaced it, no questions asked.

Nomatter what you choose, I would advise you to buy the best reel/rod that your budget allows. It will make learning easier and a little more pain free.

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