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I have come to the conclusion i need new gear, and lots of it. I realized that since almost all of my boxes are rusty, and my bags are torn and worn. A lot of my lures are nasty with rust, weeds, and grit and grime. I am pretty much starting over here. I am going to get a new tackle bag, with new boxes, and take my best lures that are still in perfect condition, and buy new cranks, hooks, weights, jerkbaits, topwaters, etc. etc. Sounds like fun? Well, sounds expensive, but im sure it will all be worth it. Anyways, in my quest for the perfect tackle box, what lures (stick to hardbaits) do you believe are absoloutley necessary to a bass fishermans tackle arsenary? I have a healthy selection of spinnerbaits, jigs, and soft plastics, so leave those out in your posts. thanks....

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Guest avid

Off the top of my head some MUST HAVE lures would include

LC Sammy

LC LV500max


LC pointers

Super spook jr.

smithwick rogues

RC crankbait

Lobina rico

wiggle wart cranks

bagley cranks

rapala dt series cranks

that should get you started with a quality tackle selection of hardbaits to cover the entire water column.

Good luck and have fun.

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Here are some baits I have found to work great time in and time out

1.  LC Rick Clunn 1.5's and 2.5's

2.  LC Sammie 100's and 115's

3.  Spro Bronzeye Frogs

4.  Rapala DT6's, DT10's, and DT16's

5.  Strike King Diamond Shads

6.  Xcailber Xr50

7.  Terminator T-1's

8.  Strike King and Terminator Jig's

9.  I know you said no plastics but you have to have alot of Senko's and RibbonTail Worms

Good Luck Bro, Corey

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jerkbaits-Lucky Craft Pointer 78 & 100

Rapala X-Rap 8 & 10

Topwaters-Argobast Jitterbug 5/8oz w/clicker

Lucky Craft Sammy 100

Crankbaits-Bomber 6A & 7A

Rapala Shad Rap #5 & #7

Mann's Baby 1-Minus

Lipless Crankbaits-Bill Lewis RattleTrap 1/2oz

Yozuri RatlnVibe

This is just a quick list of certain "must have" lures I think you should consider.

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Without breaking the bank, here's my picks:

TOPWATER:  Zara Spook, Spittin' Image, Pop-R, and on my lakes you gotta have at least a couple Bang-O-Lures w/tailspinner.

JERKBAITS:  Rogues, Long-A's (suspending and regular), Redfin's, and X-Raps.

SHALLOW CRANKS:  Bandit Foot-Loose, Bandit 100's, Norman Mad-N's, Mann's Baby-1 and Baby-4 Minus.

MEDIUM RUNNERS:  Berkley Frenzy, Bill Norman's, Bomber's

DEEP RUNNERS:  DD-22's, DD-14's, Excalibur's

LIPLESS CRANKS:  Cordell Spots 1/2oz

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Falcon FTO crank bait harboxes

Falcoln FTO v-12 and v-6 speed bags hold all my gear

Rapala DT cranks

LC pointers and Rapala original floaters

Terminator spinner baits

Booyah buzz baits, Daiwa buzz baits

and what ever else the banana's eatin SOB say he wants!!!!!  lol


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