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Fenwick Elite Tech Crankshaft rods

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I think I remember someone here saying they got one or was getting one.  Does anyone have one of these?  If so, thoughts?  I'm still in the market for a purpose built cranking rod(s) and I like Fenwicks.  

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i've got the pitchin' stik and so far it's been a great rod. i use it for throwing jigs and heavier soft plastics with a revo sx lefty. i haven't been able to use it all that much yet but i've been impressed so far. it's light but has a good backbone and a fast tip, just like every other fenwick i own.

one thing i like about the elite tech is the exposed blank on the underside of the reel seat, it makes bite detection much easier and translates bottom structure right to your fingertips moreso than a cork or plastic reel seat.

i know it's not the rod you're asking about but it is an elite tech so i figured i'd throw in my .02 cents.

if you're not dead set on getting an elite tech, check out the hmx line of fenwick rods. my other casting setup is a 7' hmx with a revo s. the hmx's generally run under $100 and are excellent rods.

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