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Problem with reel

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I know this is kind of 'out there' for a bass forum, but I bet some of you have experienced this problem too. I have two brand new zebco 33's, one is a platinum and one is a classic. Both of them have a problem. When I cast, the line will suddenly catch about half way to where I want to cast to, like it is getting caught on the catch pin inside or something. I have tried respooling often, with good line, always trilene xt or xl, and have used 6lb test up to 10lb test. I can't figure this out. Usually, 33's are pretty darn reliable but this is driving me nuts. Any suggestions? Am I putting too much line on them or something?

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Line twist is the most common cause of that, spincast reels always create line twist because there 's no line roller in them just the catch pin, do not use abrassion resistant line like XT is coils a lot more an more prone to twist, what to do ? troll the line with nothing tied to it and reel in once it has stretched, the line twist dissapears. It 's a pain in the neck because you have to do it frequently. If you have enough room also you can tie a swivel to the end of the line, hook it to a tree and begin walking until you empty the spool, then reel in steadily and slowly so the line twist runs from the reel to the swivel where it dissapears.

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