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Need Help On Picking Baitcasting Rod

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I am going to be buying a new baitcasting setup soon.  For the reel I will more than likley get a Abu-Garcia Black Max, or a Revo maybe.  I can't decide on which rod.  I am looking in the $70 range.  I found a couple that look nice.  I want to get a 7 foot, medium.  I will mostly be using a senko, or t-rigged soft plastics.  Heres the ones I found so far, which do you think is the best, or another suggested one in the price range.  Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.





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So, everyone agrees on the All Star ?  It isn't because it comes with a free gear bag, is it ?  Also the 7 foot medium is a good choice for soft plastics in South Florida Lakes?

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Seriously take my advice in the other thread that I responded to you earlier this week.

Your just going to waste money buying from Basspro with shipping charges, taxes, and rod fees.


Go here and browse around. If they don't have a rod that your looking at then give them a ring and work with them.

In the end paying for a 70 dollar rod at Basspro will cost you almost 90 smackers after charges. *** will grant you free shipping, no tax, and no rod fees.


Check these rods out. I have this rod and for the price it's a very very nice rod. Lifetime warranty and you will pay as much for this as you would those other rods at Basspro after shipping.

I would go with the 6'10" MH Extra Fast tip. Same rod I have and it fishes jigs and plastics very well.

$89 dollars shipped.

You can also take a look at the last Citica model that they have in stock. 85 dollars can't be beat for this real. A tad big but when it comes to it your not going to get a better real for the price. I have three Citicas and love them all.


Fletchero a respected member here is also selling some reels here on the forums. You can grab a Revo S from him for 75 bucks. I had a Revo S myself but prefer the Citica. Anyway more options for you.


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