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First time baitcast user. daiwa exceler 100h

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Well some have read about a month ago i picked a a plfueger supreme spinning with a 6' mh lighting rod. I really like it but i have always wanted to learn to use a baitcaster.

I was up in minnesota for a wedding so i swung by cabella's and picked up the daiwa exceller some 20# stren superbraid and a cheap uglystick light. They didnt have the lighting rod in the action i wanted.

Got it strung up made some backyard cast. all is fine for now with the brake on full and decent tension on the spool. I turned the brakes off just to see. Bad idea haha.

The funny point to this whole post is the soon to be wife was asking how much it was so i rattled off the reel and the string and didnt know how much the rod was. Grab'd my recipt out of my wallet and they didnt charge me for the rod haha. I'm a good guy if i was still in town not 6 hours away i would have went back and made it right. Maybe cabella will get a little more of my business to make my karma right.

I didnt even notice when he was ringing me up because we had been chatting it up about iowa.

Gunna do some searches for baitcast basics but if you guys wanna post something up id be greatfull.

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