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I Need Some Product Testers...

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I developed a line condition a while back, but school, relocating to Texas, and other things have postponed any further advancement.  I am still in the product development phase, and need some anglers to use and review the product.  I would like the testers to be consumers whom currently use a water based line conditioner.  Water based line conditoners are the way to go in my opinion.  We all know oil based silicones do not absorb into the line, and just lube the surface.  This leads us to a water based silicone product.  Line absorbs water...even a lot of fluorocarbons contain enough resins to absorb water as well.  I purchased a water based silicone product that in its pure form is gel-like in consistency.  You must  thin it with distilled water to produce a line spray, but this is a double edged sword.  If I make it too strong...it will leave your line feeling greasy and also not absorb as well.  There is a happy medium in there.  I'm going to send a bottle of conditioner, and then a bottle with twice the active ingredient.  I want to know which one works better.  Remember...too much active ingredient will be counter productive.  The conditioner needs to penetrate the line to be effective.  Compare it to the leading brand.  If it doesn't work as well...lets hear it.  No sense in releasing a product that sucks.  Send me a PM with your name and address ONLY.  Also...please be a user of a water based spray already...I need comparisons.  

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