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Andrew Coleman

Oh no! Reel broken!

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Well while fishing today, the spring on the bail of my diawa regal broke, like snapped in half. So, can i just get a replacement spring from somwhere, take back to BP(really don't wanna do that since i live a gazillion miles away from one and i only went there once for my rod and reel), or send it to the reel mechanic(which i don't want to do either because i dont wanna pay 20 bucks plus shipping plus the part when all i need is the spring). So what is my best bet?

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Andrew, how in the world did you do that?

Just kidding.  It was not you, it was the reel.

Be sure to throw the bail with your hand, as you know, to try to avoid this problem in the future.

May I suggest visiting a local tackle shop. They should know someone in your area who repairs reels.

In Richmond, I found a guy out in Powhatan County who fixes rods and reels.  We have a great guy in my bass club who fixes reels and I got his name from a local tackle shop.

You can call the tackle shops and they probably have the names and phone numbers of guys in your area.

Good luck and try not to break any more equipment!!!  ;D   ;D   ;D

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I would recommend you contact Daiwa with the part number and order one..

Call 1-562-802-9589 for service. Customer Service is available 8AM to 4PM Pacific Time.

Oh and BTW there are No Parts in any reels manufactured today that are guaranteed for life. Most all reels manufactured today are only warranted for one year from date of purchase....

Tight Lines!!!!

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