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Lightning Rods

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little story about lightning rods. this happened in natural resources management class at school yesterday:

justin: i'm gettin' an ugly stik

me: ugly stik's suck

will: yeah, they do

justin: no they dont, they're awesome

me: nah, they suck

teacher walks by handing out papers

teacher: i prefer Berkley Lightning rods

me: yeah they're pretty good, better than ugly stiks

teacher: yeah those ugly stiks arent very good, but Berkley lightning rods are some bad mo fo's.

it was funny, you had to be there ;)

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Seems you have a great teacher.

Now stop screwing around on this site and do some homework for that great teacher so you can get all A's and be admitted to the University of Maryland and graduate and get a high paying job so you can pay a lot into Social Security.  ;D

Your parents and I are counting on you!  ;)

P.S.  Ugly Sticks are great for pond fishing and when taking kids fishing as they can't break an Ugly Stick.

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