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Swimbait setup

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I would like to get started throwing some swimbaits. I know I need to "up" the size and strength of the rods and reels I use.

Whats a good ,decent priced,setup to use?

I currently already have a MH 6'6" Quantum Torsion Casting rod,would that suffice?

I would like to get an Abu Garcia Baitcasting reel,but need to know which model number would best suite the swimbait fishing,AND regular casting and worming,jigging and frogging. I dont want to buy one and have it be too large for the application,but I dont want it to be wimpy,in case I hook into a nice fish.I need something for all around reliability,and durability

Any suggestion or ideas??

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There are thousands of baits that get classified into the "Swimbait" Category.  What do you plan to throw?  Are you talking 6" Mission fish, 8"hudds, 3:16 Armageddon, 4" sassy shads????  Let us know what you plan on throwing and we can give you insight on what to throw it on.

If you plan on throwing baits upwards of 2oz you should get a swimbait stick.  Okuma makes a good rod for $99.  It seems like most big baiters start with this rod, I did, and know some of my buddy's did as well.  Can't help you with the reel, don't know much about Abu's.  But the Shimano Cardiff 300 and  400 are good reels at $100 bucks as well.

If your throwing smaller baits, a good flippin stick will do the job, you don't really need a "Swimbait Rod" to throw baits under 2oz.  MH to Heavy rated rod should do the trick.

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I was wanting to try out throwing some Hudds

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