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Found two reels

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in a box at the rear of my garage. Am curious as to dates of MFG. and value.




Made in Sweden





Model 330 KC

Made in the USA


Any information on the reels is appreciated.


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I can't help you much but I have a Langley Streamlite Model 310 that looks very similar except my reel is black and without something to judge by mine appears a bit smaller.

I think my reel was my second one and as best I can recall I got the reel around 1947. It was matched with about a 4'6" steel hexagonal cross section rod. I replaced the reel with a Pflueger Supreme reel in 1951 or 1952 that cost $35.00. A full weeks pay from my summer job.

In those days it was a toss up between the Pflueger Supreme and the Shakespeare President as to which was the best reel. No one today would give a nickel for either if they had to fish with them.

My guess is the Ambassador is much newer since it has a star drag and what appears to be a spool release for casting.

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The Ambassadeur was manufactured in 1978 (based on serial number). The 5600C was the first reel with a "Thumbar" spool release, before this reel, all freshwater free spool reels had a push button or lever (Heddon) that released the spool. The best way to get a value is to look at Ebay sales for similar reels. You have everything that would have came in the box except the leather case that the reel and accessories went in. BTW, that handle is not original, it is a "Hog Handler" aftermarket handle. This is a fairly common change to Amassadeurs of that time period.

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