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Re: Revo S breaks?

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There is a chrome knurled screwhead on the upper part of the crankside sideplate. Loosen it. Once it's loose, it will come out a little, but it won't come all the way out. Once it's loose, twist the brakeside sideplate clockwise about 1/8 of a turn, then lift it off the frame. The brake will be underneath it.

When adjusting the brakes, push them up from the center so they are loose on the post. This is ON. To turn them OFF push them down to the center until they lock.

CAUTION: Unlocking them off, and locking them on, can be a little difficult. For maxiumum control, I grip the reel with both hands and use both thumbnails to pop the brakes on and off. Using both thumbs give you the necessary force and also the control necessary not to pop the brake right off the post. Be firm but gentle.

Reassemble the sideplate in the reverse order. Do not use a screwdriver to tighten the knurled screw. Finger pressure is all that is needed.

BTW, why'd you delete your post after I answered it?

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