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Does any one have this reel cause i want one and could you tell me about it is it a good reel and how does it compare to other reels.

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It's a great reel.  I had a Johnny Morris Elite which is substantially similar and that was a fantastic reel.  The Patriarch seems even nicer.  You can't go wrong with a Patriarch.  

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I own 6 Patriarchs. 4 LP narrow spools and 2 wide spools.

I've had them about 6 months.

I also own 4 of the Johnny Morris Signature reels which are very similar though a little larger profile.


If you've ever owned or used a Revo model, this reel will feel almost the same on the rod. There are only very minor ergonomic differences between the 2. It's a very nice LP reel that feels great on the rod. I've got problems with carpal tunnel and these reels, whether narrow or wide spool are comfortable to fish with all day. On the business side of the reel, the mechanics of the gear trains and handle gears/main shaft line up perfectly with a Revo. It also uses the identical thumbscrew palm plate release that allows access to remove the spool and adjust the centrifugal brake.

Casting - These reels are a dream. I normally don't use the external mag brake control and just rely on the internal centrifugal 6 pin. It's a solid centrifugal brake assembly that works very well. I find 2 pins on is the most you'll need after setting the spool tension up correctly. Fine tuning during the day can be done by the mag brake on the outside if wind conditions change. These are very nearly thumbs free casters.

The drag works great. It's rated for 10 lbs which some may find on the low side but I'm not sure I'd ever find a need for more unless I was thinking about using this as a flippin reel. The overall operation of this reel is butter smooth. Fit and finish is outstanding. If you like the smooth feel of a metal reel than this is the one for you. The Titanium deposition finish is very durable and I've had no problems with scratching or tarnishing so far. The paddle handles actually feel better than a Revo though you still may want to add grips. The star drag and spool tension are both click type so you get that feeling of dialing in better. The thumbar spool release also has a non-slip rubberized finish.

You get a really nice neoprene reel cover with it that will fit over the reel while it's on the rod.

Now the minus side of the equation though this is more personal taste.

Lefties are out in the cold on the Pflueger reels. So far, they offer nothing for southpaw anglers.

Line capacity - To me, the Revo's offered the perfect spool size and line capacity. Not too much, not too little. The Patriarchs, along with most of the other Pflueger reels, force you to make a choice between the narrow spool models or a wide spool for line capacity. I'm sure this is due in large part to the Pflueger V-type spool they use. The wide spool models are not physically taller than the narrow spools but they are a 1/2 inch wider. Comfort wise the wide spools are just as comfortable to use as the narrow and the weight difference is negligible..

Reel handle. This ones is a real personal preference deal. The Patriarch uses the old Pflueger style reel handle attachment method. Instead of a handle nut that holds the handle onto the main shaft like so many other reels, this reel involves tightening down the drag all the way, then pushing it down while at the same time, turning the handle counter clockwise to spin it off the main shaft end. It's only a nuisance when you want to disassemble the reel for service.

Drag - Again, may or may not be an issue. The Patriarchs roughly 10lb drag force is pretty much on line with most reels in this category except the Revo's of course.

Reel speed - Available in a 6.4 or 7.1 ratio. No slower speeds for cranking are available. I'm investigating replacing a Revo 5.4:1 main and pinion gear on one of these as an experiment.

Other than that, the only actual negative I have is if you ever use the cross plate on your reel as a hook holder during a day of fishing, DON'T with this reel. Larger sized hooks, especially like those found on jigs have a nasty tendency to catch the barb over the front of the cross plate putting the hook into a near death lock on it. Getting the hook undone has resulted in 2 gouged up cross plates. Use the rods hook holder. :)

That's about it. Hope this helps.

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