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loomis bronzeback graphite

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is it like some other rods they have, a mixture of gl3 and imx?

a friend of mine offered me a great deal on a SMR752S-SP and i thought it might be good for jerk baits (maybe small cranks?). can anyone give me their review on this rod? unfortunately i am out of the country so i cant try it for myself.



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I actually have the same interest as the graphite composition comparison of the Bronzeback Series to other G Loomis Series.

I will say that at first, I thought the Bronzeback line was just a wasted attempt to expand the G Loomis product. Well, I now own 3 Bronzeback rods and am looking at a fourth and I can't be happier with them. I do not have the specific one you are looking at, but I do have the following:

SMR814C-CB - I actually own two of these. One is my jerkbait / crankbait rod and the other is my topwater rod. I personally can't imagine a better jerkbait rod on the market than this one.

SMR882S-SP - I use this for flukes, some shaky head applications, and other various finesse techniques. Another great rod, but it is slightly tip heavy (though, since these rods are so light overall, it is not overwhelmingly noticeable).

And the other Bronzeback Rod I am interested in is the SMR822C-SB.

To make a long story short, if you are getting a good deal on one and you plan on using it for more of a "moving" bait type application, such as jerkbaits, then you can't go wrong. My opinion has greatly changed on these rods and I think you will be happy with it.

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