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Help Please! I have rod and reel ADD, need help matching up right combos.

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All of my rods and reels are baitcasters.  Here is what I have


St. Croix Avid 7" MH Fast

G Loomis SBR 752 6'3" EF Spinnerbait model

Quantum PT PTC665F 6'6" M

Falcon Cara CCB-3-17ML Light Cranker

Falcon Lowrider XG LFC-5-17 MH


St. Croix Avid AC200 i believe it is a 5:1-1

2  Revo SX's 6:4-1

Revo S 6:4-1

Revo STX 6:4-1

I have 10lb. mean green on most, will this work, or should I mix it up?

Any help would be mucho appreciated.

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Here are some tips for starters:

1.  Check the reel's specs.

2.  Check the rod's specs.

3.  Consider the lure's weight that you will be throwing.

Then go from there, balancing the rod with the reel, making sure all is within their paramaters for the rod and reel.

Long casts = long rods.

Flipping & Pitching = long rods.

Skipping Plastics = 6'6" rods.

And so on....

So check out the specs and match them up accordingly and have some fun.  :)

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my .02

Avid --- STX

Lowrider--- SX




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