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legend extreme vs. legend elite

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im thinking of trading my st. croix legend tournament spinning rod LTBS68MXF (3/16-5/8oz lure weight) for the legend elite or legend extreme version. this rod will be used for 1/4-5/16oz drop shot,t-rigs,shakey jigs and skirted jigs w/trailer.

the difference i see between these two rods from reading the specs is the recoil guides, split grip and 40 dollars.

how do you guys like the recoil guides? i know they make an annoying noise when casting braid but i dont plan on using it.

has anyone tried the legend extreme?

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You are right the difference is the guides split grip and price.  You have to decide if the split grip and recoils are worth the $40.  I have 2 Cabelas XMLTI rods that have recoil guides and they are fine as long as you use mono, floro, or fireline.  My opinion on them is aren't worht the money. Now if the split grip is what you like the extreme may be the way to go.  If you play around with the recoil guide you will see that the largest guide flexes like they show in the ads but after that you practically have to crush the rod to get the other to compress.  Besides I think they ruin the look of a $300 rod.

Just my opinion they are both sweet rods.  I just picked up 2 of the new elites and love them.

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