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Anyone got to try out the KVD Cranking Rods?

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I've got the 7'10 and 7'4 and they seem to be good sticks.  For being composite construction they are light and load very nicely.  I have only made 10-20 casts with my 7'10 with a FFS and really like it.  It will get the bait out there for sure.  I would recommend it if you plan on doing a bunch of deep cranking.

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I have had a chance to get my 7 10   for a few outings now. I been fishing from shore and have used it with red eyes and series 4s, 5 and 6s . The ponds that are in the neighbor hood lend well to cranking from shore.  It definetly loads well you can throw a bait 20 to thirty yards further then with a 7 foot rod. The rod is still quite long but light I have a little fatigue in my arm at the end of the day but I was yo yoing the red eye for 5 hours today.  I would comfortably recommend this rod to anyone. The one thing that I would say is you move alot of line while sweeping this rod so the yo yo technique took some time to adjust to the added length of the rod.  It is quiet sensitive and I could feel like strikes at a full cast.  There is plenty of power to fight big fish  with this yet forgiving  to the point that you will not pull out the hooks.  The one think I would like is a little more traction out of the foam grips. This is my first foam grip rod so its taking a while to adjust to it. I will definetly be adding more of these to the arsenal

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