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35 deg air temp, ice finally off the river. After a rough week of quizzes & tests for radiology, I needed a little time off!

The dinner bell rung & here the fishy's a cometh...


Lure: New Rapala Shallow Rap

Rod/Reel: 6'9" MH Carrot Stix/Team Daiwa Sol(10 lb P-line CXX)



Lure: Sworming Hornet 1/2 oz head w/ 3" paddle tail

Rod/Reel: Falcon Cara T7 6'10" MH Finesse Jig split grip rod/Shimano Calcutta 51 (20 lb/6 dia Sufix Braid)

HUH??? Big bluegill chomps on a 3/4 oz SK Sexy Shad w/ 3/0 short shank treble hooks, this bluegill ACTUALLY bit the lure!!!:


HUH PART DEUX: A big crappie on a 1/2 SK Red Eye Shad chrome/black, guess the crappie thought on chomping on the lure; but didn't move fast enough. I thought it was a small bass when I hooked it & was very surprised what was on the other end:


Thank you for viewing...now back to our regularly scheduled program.... :D

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Great googaly moogaly! Nice catches and nice pictures! Love your set-ups. The Sol is sweet looking.

Love that shellcracker, too. I've never caught one on a lure.  Always on live bait.  

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The more I look at those pics, they sure turned out quite nice from a camera phone.

I'll be trying my luck again tomorrow & will be bringing along my 7' Daiwa Procyon b/c rod w/ a Abu Garcia S-L b/c reel w/ 12 lb P-Line CXX.

Also 6'9" Cabelas XMLTi drop shot rod(I'll be using this for light crankbaits) paired w/ a Shimano Symetre 1500FI w/ 6 lb Yozuri Hybrid.

We got snow last night & it's just not fun going out on a day like today.  Also it's Valentines day...don't want the wifey getting all huffy & puffy w/ me! :D:)

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