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another kink thrown on me

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I was dead set on getting a powell max casting rod to use for jigs.  BUT today i started looking at rods at bass pro again and found some nice looking split grip rods and most are a good bit cheaper with a couple a little more... anyone have these rods so you can tell me what you think:

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock - $55

St.Croix Mojo Bass - $90

Quantam Energy Pt -$100

Powell Max Casting - $140

Kistler Magnesium TS - $160

St.Croix LTB -$230+

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I have fished both the Powell Max and the Kistler Magnesium and I feel like they are the best rods in that range and you cannot go wrong with either of those. Both rods are exceptionally light and sensitive and have high quality components. The Powell has better guides than the Magnesium TS and more of them too. The Kistler balances a touch better but not enough to hinder anything. Other than that, they are very similar sticks. This is where your money is going to be best spent. I use a Powell 704C for all of my Texas Rigs and Jigs.

The Lightning Rod is not even in the same class as the above and I would rule it out if you have the means to afford a different rod.

I haven't tried the Mojo Bass rod but I am sure it is decent.

I have only tried Quantum Tour Edition PT casting rods and Quantum as a whole are highly underrated rods.

The St. Croix, at 100 dollars higher, is probably an amazing stick but I, nor anyone else I fish with will ever be able to afford one.

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