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which fishing line is corrrect.......if any?

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i have done quite a bit of reading about the type of line to use for the type of bait you are fishing with.  With the fishing season coming upon us, i am trying to make my final decision.

the info that i have found at one place is kinda contridicting what i have read at another place.  would anyone like to set me straight?  id hate to use the wrong line, have it snap and lose a good bait at the end of the hook.

below is the list of line that i am being recommended to use.  please correct me if any of the information is WAY wong.

Shaky Head - 8/10/12lb Fluoro

Soft Plastics - 15/17/20lb Fluoro

Swimming Jigs - 12/15/17/20 Fluoro

Football Jigs - 12/15lb Fluoro

Standard Jigs - 17/20/25 Fluoro

Jerk Baits - 8/10/12lb Fluoro

Hard Body Top Waters - 14/17/20 Mono

Wacky Worming - 4/6/8lb Fluoro

Lipless Cranks - 10/12/14/17 Fluoro

Frogs/Toads - 30-65 Braid

Crankbaits - 10/12/15 Fluoro

Its odd how most of these baits are all being recommended with Fluor but i thought Mono would be good for the majority of these.

I would have a number of lines for all my poles (that i dont have), but right now i have one rod/reel.  It is a baitcaster and i am looking to pick one line that can be suited for all.  all the baits i have listed above are the ones that i plan on using.  is it possible to use all with a baitcaster and one lb of line?

any help would be appreciated.  :-[

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 Fished small ponds and lakes most of the time and only carried 1 bc. Used original Stren 12lb for a loooong time and was satisfied. Changed over 2 years ago to 12lb Yo-Zuri Ultrasoft because of the stretch in mono. The Yo-Zuri is a copoly and IMHO is a pretty good compromise. With only 1 outfit give it a try :D...


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