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Blaine E

Someone break all this down for me...

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Alright so this season we are gettin a lot more serious than in the past and I am trying to upgrade my setup. Im looking for have 4 good baitcasting setups and so far this is where I stand:

flueger criterion 5.1:1

ambassadeur c3 5.3:1

abu garcia black max 6.2:1

ambassadeur revo s 6.4:1

and I only have one rod I want to keep with me and its an All Star select 6'6" MH.

My question is what other sizes and actions of rods should I pair with these other reels and what should I pair with my All Star and what techniques would work best with it? I want to be able to cover every presentation as best as possible. Also, what rod brand would yall recomend for the $50-$80 price range. I had looked at the browning medallions but had heard some bad things about them. All help is appreciated thanks.

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If I were you looking in that price range, I would take a look at some Bass Pro rods like the Bionic Blade and the extreme, this gives you almost every size and action to pick from.  For cranking I would say get a BPS Crankin stick, probably the best for the money.

Depending on the sensitivity of the all star, I would say it could be used for texas rigs or spinnerbaits.

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