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knot tying

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I know that this has been posted on this site before BUT...................i was reading a thread about best knots to use and when.

well in one of the threads i was referred to www.proknot.com. at this website they sell water proof cards with the 10 best knots used for fishing. i think i paid $6.49 for a set of them. they are even small enough to fit in a shirt pocket or tackle box.

here are the knots that are offered in the card pack

Improved Clinch Knot

Surgeons Knot

Palomar Knot

Blood Knot

Uni Knot

Double Uni Knot

Rapala Knot

Surgeons End Loop

Dropper Loop

Perfection Loop

i just received mine in the mail today. highly recommend!!! very cool cards, useful at that!!!


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That's cool.  Thanks for sharing.

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there are actually two sets to pick from.  one has a 12" ruler that is printed on the cards and one set does not have the ruler.  i picked the ones without the ruler.  these ones have very detailed pictures of the instructions as well as text to explain the knot a little bit.  each knot does have a description when it is best to use that specific knot.

im looking at the cards right now and it is very clear how to tie the specific knot.


for an "improved clinch knot" it says "a time-tested and popular knot for tying terminal tackle to monofilament line.  Reliable and easy to tie in lines under 20 pound test."

then it give 3 steps on how to tie this knot.  

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