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Questions on b/c setups for largemouth fishing.

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I am just really starting to gear up for largemouth fishing and have been overloaded on the bait casting stuff for sale.  I know I want two setups for now, one for cranks (mixture of shallow and deep diving stuff) and one for general purpose like plastics, drop shotting, spinnerbaits ect.  

I like to buy quality stuff when I purchase something, I want it to work well and hold up to years of fishing so I don't mind spending the money up front.  I am confused on what reels to choose.  I have been looking at ***'s Shimano Chronarch BSVs and BPVs (I am fishing with a lefthanded retrieve) and am wondering if they are too much for a beginning bass fisherman and maybe I should start with something a bit cheaper, maybe an Abu Revo S or something.  Are the 101BSV and 101BPVs too large and weighty for general purpose stuff?  Does the BSV carry too much line for largemouth fishing?

Do you have any recommendations for two setups?  Thanks.

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All of the chronarch's are set up for largemouth fishing. Personally I like the Curado better. Revo's are great reels as well.

As far as rods go look at:


st. croix



I own rods from all of these companies and all make great rods that should last if you take care of them.

I throw a loomis cranking rod with a curado and a st. croix avid as my all around rod with curado.

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