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Trouble with 15lb flurocarbon

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I am having wicked over run with 15lb flurocarbon.  I have tried 2 different brands.  Is it me, or have I uncovered some sort of conspiracy?  I have fished 17 with no trouble, and I have fished smaller with no trouble.  I have a reel with 15lb mono on it with no trouble.  Am I doing something wrong?  I have used Cabelas 100% and Vicious fluro (I am not 100% satisfied with either brand, but I didnt want to pay the 19 bucks for a spool of trilene)  Any thoughts?

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Pay the $$$ for the Trilene 100%, or BPS XPS, and toss that other stuff out. The Vicious along with Triple Fish Fluorocarbons are the worst lines I have ever used.

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Thanks, it makes me feel better just knowing that I am not the only one who has had trouble with these brands.  I will have to grab the trilene because I only have a cabelas handy.  I make a trip to BPS a couple of times a year, but most of my BPS purchases are online.  Since I am back out fishing tomorrow morning I dont have time to wait. Oh darn, I have to go to Cabelas today.  ;)

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