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100% on a BCR855

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Need some help.

Got a GREAT deal on a GLoomis BCR855 on which I put a reel that has some 17# Trilene 100% Floro on it. Bought 17# because could not find 14-15# that I really wanted.  I cannot get this line to behave at all. Not at all. I have phone cords that don't coil this much and the stiffness is making casting difficult also unless really on the A-game or completely tuned.

What do I do? Turdcan it? Stick with the 100% and go smaller? Completely change line?

I want to use this rod as well as possible because all indications are it is a superb rod. How much better performing will it be with Floro or Braid or Co-Poly or Mono?  This still cost me more than ever spent before on anything fishing related and want my money's worth out of it.

Also what reel would mate well with it? My thoughts are T-rigs, jigs, C-rigs flip, pitch and cast with it.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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There are a couple things I can suggest that have worked for me.

- Change lines: P line CXX, although it does have some memory as well, or try Yo Zuri Hybrid 12 or 15 lb in either. Yo Zuri would be my first choice. I have no experience with braid as the hybrid suits my fishing well

- Always pre-treat with KVD Line and Lure condition. It really does work well and will decrease memory in the line

I would pair it with a Curado E7 or Chronarch D7 depending on your budget. I am sure some will say zillion or Revo too. It is up to your preference, but I would get a 7:1 reel for the techniques you specified.

Last but now least; if you really can't find line for the reel that will work, then I suggest you mail the rod to me. I can pm you my shipping info if you'd like. :) Good luck.

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