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Best flipping pitching Reel

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I have been looking and with so many out there i cant choose. I would like a casting reel low profile or round. I looked at the Daiwa Megaforce with the Twitchin' Bar but saw all bad reviews on it. Is there another reel with something like the Twitchin' Bar.

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I have to dig it out but the reel I use to flip with was made exclusively for flipping/pitching. The thumb bar does not stay engaged when you push it down, thus eliminates having to turn the handle to engage the real into gear.

You don't need a high end, expensive reel to flip/pitch. You're only using maybe 6-15 feet of line and don't need to cast it. To me, the two most important things of flipping is drag and weight. Flipping will flat out wear your ars out so I like to use the lightest reel possible with a hammered drag.


You also want a reel that brings in a lot of line per handle crank so you can get the fish out of the junk as fast as possible and has the balls to do so. One company that comes to mind to handle all of the above is


But, Daiwa makes (or made) a good flipping reel too.

I could be wrong but I don't believe the twichen bar was meant for flipping.  It was geared more for T-rig worms and more of a gimmick than anything else, IMO.

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