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Gomer Pyle

Good to go or have it serviced?

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Just bought a new Curado 200E7. I have fished with it the last 12 days straight. I really am digging this reel I think I may of read here that the reel may perform even better if it is re-cleaned and re-lubed right out of the box. Is there any truth to this? If so why?

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yes usually the grease is over packed at the factory , it wouldn't hurt to have it cleaned by a pro.

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As Bass-Brat stated it will help because of the grease the factories use, but not so much on how much they use but were they use it in the reel.

Grease should only IMO be used on the gear teeth and this isn't the always the case with the factory.

They use it as a part holder in construction of the reel, on shims, bearing packs, gears, mostly all parts that make contact with one another, etc.

Besides being a part holder, this is all to protect the reels from a long container boat ride here, and for storage in damp distributor warehouses.

If the reels are cleaned and re-lubed properly the only grease you will find is on drag pads (shimano in some cases), and drive/pinion gear teeth (all reels).

Good Luck & Tight Lines!!! 

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