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My stupidy manifests itself once more.

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   I received an Academy house brand bc reel (Mettle) for Christmas. This was the first reel I've ever used (or even messed with for that matter) with centrifugal brakes. Well, I was ready to try her' out. So I pop open the side plate, and go to adjust the brakes. PING!!! One of the little brake weights goes flying into oblivion, never to be seen again. Now my question is this. Is the missing brake the same as one in the off position? If so, It won't affect braking performance-- correct? If not, my only option will be to steal a break of a display model  ;D

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I did the same thing the first time I opened a centrifugal reel. Fortunately it was a display reel at Walmart. ::) I also felt kind of stupid... Good thing is you will only make that mistake once. ;)

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